I recently had the opportunity to hear Brad Lomenick share at a meeting I was in. If you don’t know Brad, he is an author, speaker, and past leader of CATALYST. His talk was so good and I wanted to share some of my takeaways with you!

Here are some of my favorites:

  1. AUTHENTICITY is the currency of leadership. We must lead from the truest version of ourselves. The further “up the ladder” you go, the more easily your authenticity deteriorates and erodes. We start trying to be the other leaders we see. We focus on being versions of them instead of our best self. The best version of you is the truest version of you, which will allow you to have the most influence. (I think this is especially true in our worship leading.)
  2. Your success as a leader is based on the people around you THRIVING. Healthy organizations can still have stale leaders because the momentum of the organization carries them forward. The test of your leadership is if the people that are around you are not just surviving, but thriving. Are the people you’re leading flourishing? Are they reaching their full potential?
  3. FAITHFULNESS and FRUIT are how you get the grade in the Kingdom. How you steward your “today” is the most important assignment you have. It’s not about what things appear to be, but what it actually is – God is looking for your faithfulness and for you to produce fruit.
  4. You can’t wrap your assignment into your calling or your identity. Your identity is who you are. Your calling is why you exist. Your assignment is what you do. WHO you are and WHY God created you follow you from assignment to assignment (your WHAT). Don’t let your “WHAT” take over your “WHO” or your “WHY” by allowing yourself to get too wrapped up in a specific title, platform, or season.

There are some pretty impacting thing to think about here! I hope they’re as helpful for you as they’ve been to me.

I wonder, what impacted you the most?